Well worth the 1hr 30mins drive…
Natalie 23-10-2017

Just the best massage!
As ever you have worked out all my back tension.
Sophie 22-10-2017

Fantastic deep tissue massage, feel much better.
Thank you Setu
Becky 16-10-2017

A perfect massage – feel fantastic. Will be back again soon!
Christina 16-10-2017

Another week or two without feeling work tensions! Perfect regular massage!
Thanks Vovo See you soon
Nico 13-10-2017

Wonderful massage as always. Thanks Curie
Jules 11-10-2017

Thank you So Much – love your work! See you soon
Kirsty 10-10-2017

Fantastic, I feel like a new person! Wishing you a wonderful opening. I’ll be back soon
Helen 6-10-2017

That was the BEST massage I’ve EVER had
Thank You!
Tiffany 5-10-2017

There is a reason why I have been coming for massage for years now…. Amazing!
Thank you Setu
Hannah 15-9-2017

Thank you Lei – incredible as always.
Annabel 15-9-2017

Great Job, Feeling renewed already!
Simon 9-9-2017

Yet again, you have done an incredible job and I feel amazing!
Many thanks, Kate 20-8-2017

Hugh thanks for helping me for my big swim. You are a star…
Emma 19-8-2017

Fantastic massage, FEEL GREAT…Thank you
Donna 18-8-2017

My neck and shoulders feel 100 times better! Thank you
Annie xxx 7-8-2017

Jacky melts pain away with his magic touch. Thank you!
Lydia 5-8-2017

Oh my goodness! By far the best massage I have had!
Thanks, I’ll be back….
Kate 25-7-2017

Fantastic calf and leg massage…
Yasmin 26-11-2017

Absolutely brilliant, it has helped tremendously!
Thank you Lei
Marcia 19-11-2017

You are the best Lee!!!
Magda 19-11-2017

Thank you Lena!
Feel completely different and happy. You are amazing!
Rachel 18-11-2017

This is just what I needed, You saved me…
Nicola 16-11-2017

Brilliant massage. Good luck with the salon…
Graham 11-11-2017

Neck and shoulder feel so much losser, thank you Lisa!
Lydia 7-11-2017

Feeling so relaxed, the tension in my back and shoulder all gone…
Thank you!!!
Ruba 6-11-2017

Excellent deep tissue massage! Worked out all the stiffness in my neck and back.
Look forward to the next one!
Teresa 3-11-2017

Best massage salon in cape province.
Amazing hand picked staff are very proffesional.
Our weekly treatment
Patrick Hughes 29 October at 22:27 ·

Lee, you are a miracle worker. Thanks again for a great massage
Angie 24-07-2017

Amazing! I feel ready for my holiday now 🙂 You got rid of all my work stress…
Nicola 25-7-2017

For anyone who knows someone who is pregnant, send them to Lee. She does the most amazing pregnancy massage. Totally different to his normal massage but just as good – highly recommended as a pamper for ‘mum to be’!
Claire (6 months pregnant)

Amazing every time!
Katie 21-7-2017

After days of travelling that was the perfect recovery…聽
Thank you so much Lei! Amazing as always and I had to cross the Atlantic to get the best massage! Thanks!
Amy 15-6-2017


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